THE FATHER By Ronald Ross

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Come with me then, my son;
       Thine eyes are wide for truth:
And I will give thee memories,
       And thou shalt give me youth.

The lake laps in silver,
       The streamlet leaps her length:
And I will give thee wisdom,
       And thou shalt give me strength.

The mist is on the moorland,
       The rain roughs the reed:
And I will give thee patience,
       And thou shalt give me speed.

When lightnings lash the skyline
       Then thou shalt learn thy part:
And when the heav'ns are direst,
       For thee to give me heart.

Forthrightness I will teach thee;
       The vision and the scope;
To hold the hand of honour:--
       And thou shalt give me hope;

And when the heav'ns are deepest
       And stars most bright above;
May God then teach thee duty;
       And thou shalt teach me love.

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