Return trip.

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It was 2006, I was in Boston, taking the green line downtown and had just entered the underground station.
The lines at the cashier windows on both sides of the turnstiles were long. 
A tall soldier, dressed in camouflage carrying a large duffle bag over his shoulder was staring at the lines too, obviously confused. 
I had already pre-purchased tokens (this was before they were phased out) 
and told him to follow me. 
I thumbed a gold token into the turnstiles for each of us. 
We went through and I found the stairs to the tracks. 
A few minutes of waiting I found him again. 
He still looked nervous and lost. 
I asked him where he was headed, he told me he was 
heading to a base for deployment to Afghanistan.
I told him which stop he wanted to switch to the rail trains.
He thanked me and turned to face the subway arriving in the station. 
"Here" I said, and pressed another token into his hand. 
"What's this for?" he asked. 
"You'll need it for the ride home." I said, and walked to the opening doors.


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