Advice to the young girl in the audience.

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At one of Quentin Crisp's question and answer sessions in his one-man show, 

a girl in the audience asked 'What is the quickest remedy for a broken heart?' 

to which he replied:

'The quickest remedy is that you must learn not to 

value love because it is requited. 

It makes no difference whether your love is returned. 

Your love is of value to you because you give it. 

It's as though you gave me a present merely because 

you thought I'd give you one in return. 

This won't do. 

If you have love to give, you give it and you give it where it is needed, 

but never, never ask for anything in return. 

Once you've got that into your head, 

the idea of your heart being broken will disappear.'

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