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MT 4 installed and working. (so far.)

All of my regular readers (hi mom) will of course immediately see that I did, of course, start the upgrade after 11pm. I find this ensures I will be up working on it pretty much beyond what a normal person would call prudent. I learned a great deal though, I had some breakthrough moments with my templates, in that love hate relationship we've had going on now for some time. I'd like to learn more, but the reason for the breakthrough is my vacation. I've been on it now for about half a week, and the oodles of free time spent out in the garden and basking in the sun at the beach have been wonderfully counterpointed with tech stuff that I wanted to do. So much of my time is helping other people, and of course keeping work up to date and running that I don't often get to spend as much time as I want, and certainly not enough time as I sometimes would need to, for things like learning the movabletype blogging system's templates and coding. I got to sleep late to make up for being up all night, but damnit it was fun and totally worth it. Now, back outside to pick some cucumbers and lay in the sun.

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